Crystal and Steve’s Wedding

Usually I would be a little nervous going into shooting an Intimate Home Wedding. Shooting in such a personal space adds pressure to portray the space in a creative way but also express the true life of the family more intimately. So my favorite things about these types of weddings is that more personal portrayal of all involved. It’s also what makes it so intimidating!

I have known Crystal for about a year now and if you know anything about her she is one of the most friendly and inviting people ever and makes you feel right at home. She was down for whatever suggestions I had and even let me choose where she stood to get married to have the best lighting! (That’s a first for me! I felt so spoiled!). Even with everything going on with their house addition, out back, their home was a dream to shoot in! I love all her white accents (see the piano?!) and the big front window that pours in natural light.

I always try to keep things classy and bright when I shoot to make images as timeless as possible and this home definitely did not make that hard for me! It is like a cottage out of a storybook.

What a beautiful, sweet family and such a happy day to capture!

I was seriously contemplating asking if could borrow their backyard wall to update my headshots, haha. (I’m only half kidding). It was the perfect place for family formals after the ceremony. And can I just add they ALL look like models don’t they!? WOW!

  1. Caroline says:

    SO GORGEOUS😍😍 love these pics!

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