Meet Pepper-Haws Family Update June 2020

Ok, so lets kick this off with a little update on us and then I’ll follow with my accountability to you and myself on my Bucket List for the year 🙂 (See the OG blog on that HERE)

This month we were planning to go to Alaska (we would have left yesterday) and that trip was canceled. We waited up until the very end on the 4th when they announced if they would extend their quarantine or lift it. It was a sad day but we are trying to concentrate on all we’ve been blessed with and get excited about the opportunities we have being home.

Brighten keeps wanting to potty train and I’m just not ready. She’s gone several days with no accidents but I don’t want her to grow up! Or to deal with messes when the inevitable carseat accident happens. Is that bad? Does anyone else feel like that? I feel like everyone around me can’t wait for their kids to potty train. Everyone tells me,

“Diapers are so expensive!”. I half joking respond,

“Yeah, I pay good money for my child to go in her pants!”

Brighten also started sleeping in a big girl bed! That was one I was actually excited for :). I could tell she was over the crib and we got her a nice soft comfy mattress in her very own room :).

We got to meet Brighty’s new cousin Pepper this last week. We were planning to go and meet her in April and I talk about how that trip got canceled because of Covid-19 in that months update if you want to go back and read that. BUT WE FINALLY MET HER!!! and she is sooooo adorable! When we picked them up from the airport Emily (my sister) handed her right to me as soon as I saw them I love you Emy, you know me too well. And I got to take a few impromptu milk bath photos a few days into their visit. Here are a few of them:

As for Trent and I this month- Trent’s bummed to not be fishing in Alaska but as busy as ever doing remodels and rescuing bees. I am trying to be better at cooking healthy meals at home amid all the business growth. It’s something I have always loved but lately things have been going wild around here with all the businesses. Note to self: Next business is not allowed to have a busy season in spring! Better yet… maybe what a while before adding a 4th business haha.


Here is a list of things I have left:

  • Sunrise Engagement Shoot at Papago Park (Let me know if this interests you or someone you know!)
  • Make a Personal Family Album (working on it still!)
  • Take Pictures of Our Beehives (Can’t believe out off all the things I still haven’t done this!)
  • Get Professional Photos of my Own Family
  • Go on a Big Family Trip (Our trip to Seattle and Alaska were canceled but we are hoping to re-schedule Alaska for July if they lift the quarantine)
  • Photograph a Temple Wedding (I have one Scheduled for November!)
  • Bridal Portraits in Sedona ( Someone scheduled for July!!!! So excited!)
  • Purchase a 100mm lens (this is next on my list!! Trent’s camera body is getting a little worn though so it may need replaced first)

And here is a list of things I have checked off since May :):

Learn Flash: This is one of the biggest ones I’ve been working on for the last month- and especially these last 3 weeks. As my business grows and I have more inquiries about shooting weddings I am excited to be able to add not just a flash but an amazing flash set up that wows my clients and matches my natural light style! I’ve been working so hard and I can’t wait to blow people away!!!

Purchase a 35mm lens: AHHHHHHhhhhhhh!!!!!! I will be doing some big group shots at a July wedding with a big bridal party/family. It’s time to upgrade to the 35mm Prime and I am so excited! It was really scary to pull the trigger especially after just investing in all that flash equipment but I believe in this business and I want to give people the very best I can! Even if it means spending 2x as much on a lens as I’m making on the wedding… while reminding myself it won’t always be like this. It’s already awesome to do what I love. One day, that keeps getting closer and closer faster than I ever thought it could, I’ll be able to what I love AND make great money doing it!

Take Someones Maternity Photos in the River (yes, IN): I am so excited to share with you next weeks blog!!! It was so amazing take maternity photos of Weston and Ashlee in Oak Creak (yes, IN ;)). I also have another water maternity shoot scheduled for Aug!! Can’t wait!

Invest in a Photography Class or Conference: I have been working on a OCF ( Off Camera Flash) class I mentioned above and I’m still working my way through my 12 -month Business class. So of course it was the right time to invest in a class on streamlining my workflow and editing style. 🙂 KJ Consistency Course 2.0 here I come!

Grow my Business to the point where I can hire a Stay-at-Home Mom who wants to work from home; I know I’ve talked about this before and instead of hiring someone to work for my Photography Business we chose to hire my sister who stays home with her 4 month old Pepper to do the Payroll and Bookkeeping for our Remodel Business Haws Family LLC. WOW- who knew how much time I spent doing that stuff! Trent also took over writing up the quotes and tracking all the tax info. Well… that was great a couple of months ago and gave me plenty of time for photography. However, I didn’t anticipate AHP (this business) and Haws Bees (our beekeeping business) to grow so quickly this spring so we are kind right back where we started with me needing help! #stressedbutblessed I decided it’s time to hire someone to handle some of our marketing/social for AHP! But don’t worry! You’re in good hands it’s actually my other sister Melanie! <3 I’m excited.

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