It was so fun to take these! This was a new location for me and I absolutely LOVE how prominent the Superstition Mountains are at this location! Natalie is a former neighbor and Brightens horseback riding coach. She just finished her Master Degree and we are so excited for her! I wasn’t sure if when […]

Every Christmastime I get a few people who ask me what to buy for someone who is interested in photography. Whether it be themselves or a family member they want to know the best place to start. I get it. Photography is a big world and there are SO many opinions and ideas out there […]

I’m so glad I got my camera out to snap a few photos of this fun mommy and me get together we had. Brighty has been helping me plan this and everyday when she gets done with school work during Sage’s nap time we would look up decoration or talk about actives she wanted to […]

What a sweet little Mama and Me session! I was so excited to do this for our sweet neighbor Lauren and since Scout is a little older for a typical newborn sessions (I recommend scheduling for before they’re 14 days old, the prime window being 4-6 days, in my experience), I was brainstorming what we […]

This weekend I got to take a few photos of Baby Oliver! He is so adorable and I am so excited for the Miller family to have another amazing human in it! This week has been so crazy getting ready for my Mini-Sessions at Desert Garden Market this Friday and Saturday but I couldn’t not […]

Our own Family photos! Man, every year that we take family pictures I learn more and more about how my clients feel and what I can adjust to make it an even better experience for them! Getting family pictures is hard. It’s never perfect. Someone would always rather not be there. When it comes down […]

Not gonna lie this has been a little confusing in our house. When Trent and I were about to have Brighten, actually before we even knew she was a girl, we both had a dream that we had 2 girls and 1 boy so we picked out 2 girl names and one boy name. After […]

My sister! My sweet little sister and her family invited us for thanksgiving this year…or maybe we invited ourselves, haha. Even though Brighten started throwing up literally within the minute we arrived no-one complained about it. (And thank goodness it was there instead of in the rental car). Yesterday we watched a Magic School Bus […]

The very first year I took family photos for the Curtis Family I came home and told Trent, “Oh my gosh I just met the family I have always dreamed of taking pictures of!”. I have had the pleasure of taking thousands and thousands of family photos for some of the most amazing families but […]

This easter we stayed at home which we have never done before! It was probably my favorite easter since getting married! We were able to really focus on the meaning of easter, spend time with those closest to us and didn’t have the rush and stress of traveling! On Easter Sunday I woke up early […]