Our own Family photos! Man, every year that we take family pictures I learn more and more about how my clients feel and what I can adjust to make it an even better experience for them! Getting family pictures is hard. It’s never perfect. Someone would always rather not be there. When it comes down […]

Not gonna lie this has been a little confusing in our house. When Trent and I were about to have Brighten, actually before we even knew she was a girl, we both had a dream that we had 2 girls and 1 boy so we picked out 2 girl names and one boy name. After […]

My sister! My sweet little sister and her family invited us for thanksgiving this year…or maybe we invited ourselves, haha. Even though Brighten started throwing up literally within the minute we arrived no-one complained about it. (And thank goodness it was there instead of in the rental car). Yesterday we watched a Magic School Bus […]

The very first year I took family photos for the Curtis Family I came home and told Trent, “Oh my gosh I just met the family I have always dreamed of taking pictures of!”. I have had the pleasure of taking thousands and thousands of family photos for some of the most amazing families but […]

This easter we stayed at home which we have never done before! It was probably my favorite easter since getting married! We were able to really focus on the meaning of easter, spend time with those closest to us and didn’t have the rush and stress of traveling! On Easter Sunday I woke up early […]

When we shot these photos it was the rehearsal night for the Mesa Temple Easter Pageant Jesus the Christ. There were lots of people dressed in costumes rushing back and forth from the parking lot area to the huge lawn area out front. At one point a small heard of Roman Soldiers walked past and […]

We had our first trip as a family of four this past weekend and Sage did so great on the drive! Phew! What a relief because Brighten hated the car for about …well… she still has a hard time haha. Thank goodness for iPads! We stayed in Greer and drove out to the Family Reunion […]

It was 5 hours total. Get ready for a whirlwind birth story.

Ok, so lets kick this off with a little update on us and then I’ll follow with my accountability to you and myself on my Bucket List for the year 🙂 (See the OG blog on that HERE) This month we were planning to go to Alaska (we would have left yesterday) and that trip […]

This weekend we went hiking in Sedona! My mom got this book of easy day hikes and it has been so cool! Afterwards we went to Flagstaff and had a small party, of just family, for my sister Melanie for her 30th birthday! Her boyfriend, Johnathan and Brighty both have birthdays coming up really soon […]