Curtis Family

The very first year I took family photos for the Curtis Family I came home and told Trent, “Oh my gosh I just met the family I have always dreamed of taking pictures of!”. I have had the pleasure of taking thousands and thousands of family photos for some of the most amazing families but you really never forget the families that have been with you since the beginning trusting you when you’re not even sure they really should, haha.

I can not believe I have been doing photography for 4 years this coming February!

Editing this session was such a fulfilling experience for me as I reflected back on the first time I took family photos for the Curtis Family and spent hours and hours worrying and retouching the skin tones. Now it’s second nature to me and it makes me smile so much to feel like I have grown into my style as a photographer; and it is families like this who have really helped me transform into the photographer I am today.

Here are a few of my favorites from this sesson:

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