Cummard Family

I don’t know about other people but leaving a house is hard for me. When Trent and I were first married he wanted to move into a 2 bedroom from a 1 bedroom apartment and I didn’t want to because I had just finished making the one we lived in our home and I felt like we had so many memories there, we had only been there 6 months and I was already attached haha! I’m glad we did though because we needed it a short year later for Brighty!

Homes hold so many memories for us and I love hearing stories from my parents and family about the houses they lived in, what the looked like, what they did there, it fascinates me! So I loved the idea when Crystal reached out wanting to get their family pictures taken at their house before they move and use their beautiful yard and home as they backdrop for these memories!

I’m a little sad that the Cummard Family is moving away because they have become close friends to us over the past almost 4 years. I met Crystal in a business class where she worked to grow her fresh cinnamon roll business and her Foodie instagram account @seeittryitloveit ! She taught me some of the ropes of IG when I first started out doing @hawsbeeshoney three years ago and we have stayed in touch since.

I’m also very excited for them, however, because I have had several discussion with Crystal about this dream of hers to move back to Thatcher one day. I just didn’t know this dream would come to fruition so soon! I’m not sure that she did either when we first started talking about it.

Crystal, I can’t wait to visit you in Thatcher, and you know we ALL want extensive coverage of all the food spots- every single one!

Here are a few of my favorites from this at home shoot on Saturday.

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