Allen Family Photos

The last few weeks of not-dripping-with-sweat-hot weather is upon us and the days are alternating between a little uncomfortable in the evenings and “wow, it’s so nice out tonight!” still. The night of this session fell on the later and it was even cloudy for part of the afternoon too so I think that made it even nicer! It’s not often that it gets cloudy in the evenings here (or at all, period) so it’s always fun for me to try locations with a new perspective because achieving my style with clouds is an entirely different approach than without! The Allen family was so sweet and down for anything! Most people are a little surprised at the diversity of images that can be achieved in such a small area of Mesa (Temple Historic District- where I shoot all my week-night midi sessions).

Chelsea and I both grew up in Flagstaff (Northern Arizona) in the same town and it was fun to see her again and her beautiful family of 4.

She brought these matching shirts that say “Big Sis” and “Lil Bro” on them that we took a few pictures with at the beginning and I just love when people have cute ideas like that to make their session unique.

If you’re interest in a Family Midi Session I do them on weekdays only in Temple Historic District, right by where I live! This gives me the opportunity to offer you a shorter session with less stress to drive to a further location and keep the kids happy for an entire session. It’s a lower cost to you while also being close to my home and family so it’s a benefit to me as well!

Since I shoot in this area so often anyway it’s a really great bang for your buck because I know it like the back of my hand and we can roll through shots quickly!

Anyway, I’m just trying to convince you to do it before it gets hotter, but back to this cute family <3

Here are a few of my favorites from last weeks session with the Allen Family…

Love getting a few of couples alone if we can. 🙂

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