Galentine’s Party

I’m so glad I got my camera out to snap a few photos of this fun mommy and me get together we had. Brighty has been helping me plan this and everyday when she gets done with school work during Sage’s nap time we would look up decoration or talk about actives she wanted to do with her friends.

We decorated everything pink and red and ‘hearty’, painted our nails, colored a giant Valentine’s Poster with everyone (with brand new markers dad bought and surprised us with today <3 Thanks Trent), and blew bubbles. All activities planned out by Brighten. Who knew kids knew exactly how to throw a good party.

Brighty loves juicing oranges with me and making food together so I thought it would be a good idea to have a orange juicing and smoothie making station that everyone could make their smoothies at with their mom!

I had a really cute banner that I ordered for the girls room that actually inspired this party and getting Brighten involved and so I did a quick photo backdrop set up similar to how I do mini sessions or Baby’s First Year photos, and threw it up there! I didn’t get a chance to get any with my girls but we got almost everyone else at the party in on it!

I LOVE Valentines day and use it as an excuse to share love with everyone around me and although I know Galentine’s roots are mentally associated, for a lot of people, to the idea of men being lame I just see it as a day to celebrate the feminine love and light I see around me! Happy Galentine’s and Happy Valentine’s Day too!

Here are a few shots I took really quick at the party. I already wish I had more but at the same time I’m so glad I took some and then set my camera down and was in the moment! :). I’ll just need to have Trent take some of me and the girls tomorrow <3.

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