Brighty is Two!

My goodness! I thought things would start to slow down for my photography business as things have been heating up but boy was I (happily) wrong! You guys are so awesome and I am so excited for the upcoming family portrait sessions, Maternity Session, Weddings and Anniversary Session I have coming up in June and July.

As for us we have been soaking up the last few weeks outside all day and starting to explore inside activities during the hottest parts of the day. We hung a swing in the house for Brighten and her and I made a cake today.

She is getting so big! I never did a birthday post for her last month since I had so many portrait sessions to post before and after her birthday week so I’m making this her birthday post and am about to spam you with how cute she is. For her Birthday we made DIY Pizza with a few close friends and cooked them on the Traeger (Smoker) and then I ordered a little inexpensive projector from BestBuy and we hung a sheet over the divider wall between us and our neighbor and projected the movie Coco- Brighten’s all time favorite- I know that’s not saying a ton for a 2 year old that has only seen like 10 movies in her whole life, haha but, I love that she loves Disney’s Coco. We gave her the American Girl Doll Blaire (the girl of the year 2019) because she lives on a sustainable farm and has a dairy allergy too! (Each girl has their own story and books about them, some are from historical eras and others are modern day like Blaire and discuss todays girls issues and struggles. Blaires family keeps bees. HOW COULD I RESIST! I had to get her for Brighty even if she is a little young she LOVES her and caller her “Blur”. haha. We also got her a Jet Kids suitcase and backpack and I’ll tell you how we like it when we use it!

Also featured in these images is sweet little Emery. She is Brighty’s little friend and our next-door neighbor. The other day Brighten was trying to get the front door open and I said,

“What are you doing, Brighty?”

She responded:

“I need a talk a Emery!”

Brighen loves wearing her “swimmy suit” to run through the sprinklers and her play in her splash pool- the other day we even got to go to a “real” pool at our friends house and Brighten literally laughed the ENTIRE time we were in the water (for like 2 hours straight!). She loved it and it was pure joy for Trent and I (and everyone who saw her) to watch.

If you have any ideas on indoor activities for triple digit days for us PLEASE drop them below! Brighten thinks staying inside is torture and some days she just wants to ‘Talk-a somebody’ Haha. She’s so cute 🙂

Here is Brighten this year leading up to her Birthday and on the day of 🙂 :

  1. Grandma Connie says:

    Awww… love these shots! Come talk a me !

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