Park Family

I met the sweetest family today! We met up at a park near their house, in Chandler.

Don’t laugh at me but I had no idea there were cherry blossoms in Arizona. I fee like I’m learning you can grown anything here! That is one of my favorite things about moving here from the mountains. It may get hot but gardening year round is the coolest thing to me! I’ll take the heat if it means garden fresh tomatoes! Anyone else like garden tomatoes but not store bought ones? They taste so different! If you don’t like tomatoes and you have never had one from the garden then you need to try them!

If you book a session this summer in the blazing heat, and let me know, I will in all seriousness bring you some tomatoes to try!

Anyway, enough about tomatoes. This session was so fun! Great people, beautiful children, amazing weather. We were in and out of overcast the majority of the evening and these guys were so patient as I adjusted them with the changing light.

What a fun thing to capture these sweet moments. Alye is a photographer herself, so it was fun to talk about the changing light and our mutual dislike for the ExpoDisk (sorry Amy and Jordan, Kelvin wins for us, haha, at least when there are squirmy little kids involved).

In fact, she brought her camera too and got a few pictures of me and Brighten. Here is a link to her website. I know they are going to be just darling. She is a great photographer and has been doing it for 10+ years!

Here are a few of Brighten that I snapped afterwards really quick. Also, I want to start trying to share more behinds the scenes so here is a picture of us right when we got there! Obviously I don’t usually have Brighten with me so it was a fun adventure and I got to add to my collection for our annual family album. If you missed me talking about that you can read it here. 🙂

She looks so grown up in this outfit! Also, because people have been asking on Instagram: Our friend Monica made it for us. She owns the company Prickly Pear Lane and she herself designs and makes the clothes for their little local shop! She is super talented and the sweetest person ever, so kind to everyone. We met her in December and I instantly felt like she was my best friend!

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