My 2020 Bucket List

So I know I’ve talked about one of my main goals this year- which is getting together a family year book.

One of the hardest things I didn’t anticipate has been making it of more than just Brighten. But I really do want to remember our WHOLE family.

I don’t even mind getting my picture taken and neither does Trent. It’s just so easy to photograph Brighten!

Thankfully, I’ve been building this book as I go and I realized… uh… these are all of Brighty…

So Last Sunday, when we took a walk, I brought my camera along, just to snap 3 pictures of Brighten, 3 with Trent and 3 with me.

Everyone at church…and the whole day (including Trent) was apparently too nice to tell me I glued my fake lashes on uneven- so there’s that. haha. But I DON’T CARE! These are memories and if my left eye looks like I’m giving a sexy wink in every picture I can handle that because it was about showing a moment- not perfection.

Also, hopefully, I’ll be able to look back and laugh at that awkward transition I made from wearing lash extensions for 3 years to gluing on my own falsies (not by choice I want to add- my lash girl is taking a break 🙁 So do recommend it? No, never ever stop! Lash Extensions are the single greatest invention in the last decade).

Here is my much anticipated Bucket List for the year: See if there’s something on here you want to do too!!

  1. Sunrise Engagement Shoot at Papago Park
  2. Learn Flash
  3. Make a Personal Family Album
  4. Purchase a 100mm lens
  5. Purchase a 35mm lens (can you tell I’m over renting haha)
  6. Take Pictures of Our Beehives
  7. Get Professional Photos of my Own Family
  8. Take Someones Maternity Photos in the River (yes, IN)
  9. Invest in a Photography Class or Conference
  10. Grow my Business to the point where I can hire a Stay-at-Home Mom who wants to work from home
  11. Shoot My First Wedding as Lead (DONE! See the blog about that HERE)
  12. Gift a Session to Someone Dealing With a Life Struggle
  13. Go on a Big Family Trip
  14. Photograph a Temple Wedding
  15. Bridal Portraits in Sedona

Please contact me if you can help me check anything off! I feel like I need to make the list official by making a cute Bingo type board I can check off as I do them!

Anyway, Love Ya! If you have a session coming up I can’t wait! You guys have surprised me yet again with all your love and support in booking sessions with me over the next two months or so! I’m going to have to start scheduling out vacation time instead of just waiting to see what days I have left after everyone books!! I know it doesn’t seem like a huge deal but for me in by little business it totally is! Thanks for reading. <3 Alyssa

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