Come and check out my photography wins from last year and see what my goals are for 2021!

If you’re looking to book photos with me for a family of three here is some inspo for you, to get you excited!

Wow! Did you know that green grass grows in the desert in the winter?!?!?! Now, I’m not saying it looks like Back East or anything but if you look really close you can see a few tufts and some other greenery in these pictures, haha. Even without much greenery thought, the desert has a unique […]

This post is for my photographers followers out there. It’s basically a reflection and a few tips about making the hobby-to-career transition and a few of my personal notes on the free-sessions vs. no discounts debate that may interest even the more experienced photographers out there. Firstly, WELCOME to the Newbies! This is so exciting! […]

First off let me say that my clients experience is one of the most important parts of my work, which is why I want to share this. I debated for a while on whether to post this or not because it’s not something that other photographers have really done so honestly in the past but […]