Ashlee & Scott Family Photos

Ok, there might be a few more couples pictures in here than I usually blog for a family session but- Can you blame me?!?!? Look at these guys!

Working with these three was a dream and Emery is so adorable and smiley.

These were all shot in Tonto National Forest. You have to buy a day pass (or have an annual national parks pass, like I do) in order to do pictures here. My suggestion is to bring a picnic and stay a little while after, at one of the river-side spots, and enjoy a treat with your family to get the most of your day pass!

For my Phollowers: I tried a few new spots today. One of them was a little tricky but worth it and the other is probably going to be one of my new favorite spots! So my advice to you is to get out of your comfort zone! If your client doesn’t have a place picked then suggest a place you’ve been wanting to go but haven’t, or do what I do and just get in your car at nap time/ on your lunch break/whenever and just drive. I prefer to avoid in places with tons of people (small-town-girl-in-a-big-city-life) especially other photographers, when I can. Not that I don’t like other photographers, but I feel like sometimes if you shoot too often in a well known spot local people look at your images and instead of saying “that’s pretty”, they say “I know where that is!” and that takes the magic out of it a little bit, in my opinion . I love finding a little private treasure. If my clients request a more popular spot then I resolve to look at that old spot with fresh eyes and try something new that I (or other photographers) haven’t done a million times already.

Keep trying new things! <3 Alyssa

P.S. Look at how happy Brighten was to tag along tonight. I snapped this while Trent was unloading her bike. Trent and her got to come hang out in the background since these guys are our neighbors and friends and Brighten LOVES Emery. Brighten rode her bike all over-I should have taken a picture of that. Have you ever seen someone off-road on a tricycle? She only fell off once! She will be mountain biking before I know it, yikes!

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