Haws Goals 2021

This year I think most people are looking forward to simplifying. I want to keep things simple too. I want to do just the most important with the most important and let everything else fall where it may. Included in this will be my maternity leave starting the end of May. I’m not worried about ‘neglecting’ my growing business or loosing momentum that it is so hard to gain in this industry. I just feel hope for the future and if 2020 taught me anything it’s that I have way less control than I thought I did so worrying is just pointless anyway, haha. I’m also not worried because I know my creativity and drive in photography is a reflection of my spark for life so taking time to grow our family in a year that most photographers are aggressively trying to get back where they want to be is not even a threat. I won’t loose anything and I am certainly not neglecting my business. I feel so much peace that as I do my best, God does the rest.

Anyone else feel that going into this year?

Here are a few of my simple goals for the year. With 2020 being a not-so-photography-friendly year with all the ‘non-essential’ labels and no large gatherings and such I feel like I really hit my goals from last year out of the park. I worked towards them each month consciously and I am happy with my effort. I think my blog list of 15 “bluket list” items worked great at getting me there so I want to do it again this year.

  1. Upgrade to mirrorless
  2. Shoot at 2 new wedding venues 
  3. Photograph more family special occasions 
  4. Get my own 35mm
  5. Start sending an album of my wedding images to vendors to support fellow small businesses 
  6. Take someone’s family photos in the Fall leaves in Flagstaff 
  7. Get maternity pictures done of myself
  8. Sell some of my landscape/outdoor prints online or in a boutique 
  9. Get our family photos professionally done 
  10. Spice up my posing and go for more genuine smiles 
  11. Finish my business class
  12. Start offering packages with Heirloom Albums! 
  13. Plan and host a Class/Workshop or Styled Shoot where I can teach and help other photographers. 
  14. Raise my prices by the end of the year with increased experience and skill! 
  15. Keep blogging consistently each Tuesday and try to post updates on Instagram 1x per week. 

As a wrap up on 2020 I want to share with you some of my all time favorite images from last year right here. well maybe I shouldn’t say ‘favorite’, I love every single image from last year and what each represents about my progress and journey as well as the journey of those in the photo but each of these below represent a turning point in my development. Maybe the wedding I started trying something new and it stuck or the time I began to strengthen a distinct part of my style, tried a new lens or captured an image that helped a client feel the best they have ever felt.













Thanks for following along last year and making 2020 such a great one. If 2020 can be great than I have no doubt it only gets better 😉 Much love and thanks as always for following along. <3 Alyssa

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