Wintertime Desert Family Photos

Wow! Did you know that green grass grows in the desert in the winter?!?!?! Now, I’m not saying it looks like Back East or anything but if you look really close you can see a few tufts and some other greenery in these pictures, haha. Even without much greenery thought, the desert has a unique beauty of it’s own that makes it a perfect location for family photos year round.

A few of the highlights of this session for me were getting to spend time with the Shumway family, and the amazing weather (it even got a little cold!). My number one most memorable thing from this session though had to be when Andrea told me how helpful My Style Guide was for her and her family, while preparing and getting ready for family pictures. She said in all her years of getting photos she has never had anyone do anything like that! She said it was full of helpful insight that other photographers just assume you will know but you don’t. She even told me that it was very easy to follow with the way I organized it and the pictures.

It has been a process over time starting as a short email that turned into 3 pages and now it’s a full magazine. I almost cried and hugged her! That is what I needed to hear! I always tell people that I have this amazing resource with all the tips I can think of to help them out while they prepare for their session but being able to hear that it is doing exactly what I made it to do – help people get the most out of their photo experience- just makes me so happy! I hope when you book it blows you out of the water too because I really do want you to get the most out of any session you have with me! That is what makes me different. This isn’t just a job. It’s a passion. I want other people to fall in love with the process too!

To my Phollowers:

The thing that baffles me the most in the field of photography is this idea that we have to hide all of our secrets, as photographers. Like if we share them then what?… Well, if you can literally share all you know about photography with your clients or even other photographers to the point where they now know everything you know and you fear you could be easily replaced then let me be honest- you probably are easily replaceable! Constantly reminding ourselves that we don’t know everything and taking a class, shadowing another photographer, reaching out and teaching someone around us, are all good ways to stay on top of your game! I think if those of us who genuinely understand light and love photography started sharing a little more with our clients, we will find that there are more people out there who are willing to pay what a good photographer charges because they know what it takes! Showing others I’m passionate about photography and opening up about a few of the many strategic things I do during a shoot has done 100 times more for me than trying to make myself look successful on social media, so if you feel like you’re spinning your wheels on that one try this out! Keep Clickin’ ! <3

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