Brown Family

Ok, it is a miracle that this Blog is up. I’m not even saying that because it’s the popular time of year for family photos and this is a double blog week (even though it is that too).

So here is the story:

Sage got out of bed or fell out of bed or something. So I went to put her in bed and then she woke up a bit so I ran and closed the bedroom door. Then I sat with her for like 5 minutes so she would fall back asleep. Worked like a charm. Flawless. I ran for the door, quietly, so I could get back out and finish the blog.

This is where I should mention that Trent had put the girls to bed early and ran to the store so I could work in quiet editing and posting the blog and sneak peeks since this shoot was literally today but I always post blogs on Tuesday and I’m a creature of habit and discipline.

So when I went to reach for the door nob it was locked… or that’s what it seemed like… but when I tried to flip the lock it was pushed in a smashed. The door was locked shut. I didn’t have my phone and Trent wasn’t home. AND of course the room I was locked in had both my sleeping children and it was totally dark.

So I try the handle several times and several ways and decide that I need to find something to use as a screwdriver so I can , yes quietly and in the dark, try to get the door nob off.

No luck. So then I decide to climb out the window… until I realize that the front door is locked and my key is in the other room so I would just be locked out of the house. (Thankfully I realized this before jumping out the window because it is pretty high off the ground.

Well, I then decided to just wait until Trent got home so he could somehow set me free.

After waiting for a few minutes I decided that Trent was never going to return and started envisioning him broke down on the side of the road trying to call me to help HIM not knowing the predicament I was in. So then with all the quiet forcefulness I could muster I decided I was going to break the door down. I’ve done this before but it is way easier to break it going in than going out with the swing of the door. Also, I’ve never tried to factor in keeping 2 kids asleep while breaking it down…So basically I made a bunch of unnecessary noise and then gave up.

I tried the handle one more time out of desperation and the lever finally caught and moved! I think from all my banging around- but I don’t know because I had jiggled it and worked at it for a good 5 min straight when I first tried to free myself!

So then I was free and slightly traumatized and I’m up late finishing up.

The End


The Brown Family are our neighbors. What a sweet family and an honor to take their photos. They brought their nephew Luke to help get the boys to smile and it make such a big difference in how these turned out! It is one of the many suggestions I have for making your session run smoothly in my Portrait Session Style Guide every client receives when they book a session!

Another suggestion I give in the APH Style Guide is to bring props if you would like a more editorial look to your photos and I LOVE this vintage chair the Browns brought to use!

As a wedding trained photographer, taking these couples shots are always one of my favorite parts of family pictures! I’m so excited to be opening up my calendar to more weddings again soon!

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