Cory and Rebekah Wedding Open House

We have gone to church with the Nelson family for about 4 years now and I didn’t feel like I knew them extremely well… until this Saturday started. Throughout the day I kept having little memories pop up of interactions we have had together over the years. Like when Cory taught a class that Trent and I attended that was aimed at teaching teachers how to teach better (that was a mouthful, haha). When Trent and I got home from that class I wanted to know who Cory’s wife was because I had enjoyed the class so much that I thought we should have them over for dinner. Trent told me he was pretty sure he wasn’t married.

Another memory that popped up was when I was teaching Relief Society- our women’s organization and Melanie always seemed so encouraging and insightful with her comments and would beautifully sum up the lessons in her weekly Relief Society update.

One of our most recent experiences with the Nelson family is a class that Trent and I took focused on emotional resilience. The class was lead by Lewis- a volunteer position and a great sacrifice of several hours each class session and more in preparation for each class. It was a impactful experience and his calm insightful demeanor made all those participating feel welcome and supported.

As we moved about the day and later on to Casual family pictures at the Riparian Preserve I felt an overwhelming sense of love coming from them to me. If I could describe the atmosphere of the day in one word it would be ‘Wholesome’. That might sound kinda like a boring word to some people but it’s not! It perfectly describes the pure, happy, kind, good intended nature of this family as a whole. They seem to love and accept people where they are at in life and just being around them makes me want to be just a little better- not in an intimidated way but in an inspired way- if that makes sense.

We enjoyed getting to know Rebekah, Cory’s wife, and Ben and his wife Rachel just a little too and if I did People Reviews like some do Movie Reviews just from ‘the Trailer’ I would say “10 out of 10, would recommend”.

Here are a few of my favorites from the day:

Behind the Scenes:

Brighten loves the kids play area at the Riparian Preserve so Trent took the girls there while I was doing the Nelsons Family pictures on the other side of the preserve. My parents and niece and nephew were in town for Sage’s Baby Blessing the following day so they met them there and got to play for a bit. Sage has been awake more and more lately and is getting so big (-which is what I am blaming all the inevitable typos this post contains as I type it up while she lays here staring at me and distracting me). It’s so fun to see her little eyes peeking out from over Trents shoulder when he carries her around, so I made him stop as we walked back to the car in the July heat to snap a picture of it. <3

  1. Connie says:

    I love the decor at the open house! So pretty and original!! <3

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