Sage and Brighty

Since in our church we are not baptized until the age of 8 we do something a little different when children are born. We have a blessing over them that pronounces blessings and words of advice for them and their life. I have always loved baby blessings.

Well, it’s a tradition in our family (as it is for many in our church) to have a white dress for her blessings. We also take family pictures that day.

You may not know anything about my religion but you definitely have an idea of how hot it is in the desert in the summer. So I had this great idea- to take pictures of Brighten and Sage BEFORE the blessing day, to take the hardest part out of pictures and then we will just snap a few of our whole family together outside the church. Not to be presumptuous but I’m pretty sure I’m a genius and everything will work out great and go smoothly… knock on wood.

We are hosting family and friends (many coming from out of town) for lunch after the church service and my other amazing idea is to do a salad bar so I can make it all the night before and put it in the fridge. This cuts back on rushing around last minute with a 2 month old AND the heat from a hot kitchen cooking a hot meal. (I actually thought of this one before Brighten’s Blessing and did the same thing).

So I was gonna wait and post these when its her blessing day but I decided to just post them now so I could tell you about my little tricks and maybe help someone else out who is having family gatherings and newborns :).

Brighten was so patient and always is with Sage. At the end when I was doing their pictures together, Brighten holding Sage, Sage started to cry and she tried to say shh shh shh to her and kiss her and when that didn’t work she tried to lay her down softly on the ground haha. But in the pictures it just looks like she’s bailing out because she’s crying and I think it’s so funny. So naturally I put the whole sequence at the end for you to see.

Here are a few of my favs (and the bloopers at the end):

Behind the scenes:

Trent holding Sage in the Hammock while I do portraits of Brighty. 🙂 She loves the hammock and her daddy.

Also, have to rep my awesome Moses basket that I get asked about ALL THE TIME. Now is the perfect time to do it since I have some pictures of it from when I was setting my white balance :). Everyone needs one and I don’t know why they are not more common. They are so handy to have around and look great in photos! The one I have holds my Snuggle Me Organic Co-Sleeper which makes it even more awesome. Mine is Plum and Sparrow but they are constantly out of stock lately I’ve heard- I think the awesomeness is catching on. Here is the website anyway in case you catch them right after a restock:

  1. Nama says:

    Love the roll off the lap! These are so sweet!

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