Kensey and Spencer Engagements

I don’t think I said ‘Smile’ one single time this whole evening! Kensey and Spencer were so smiley and relaxed the whole time I never even prompted them to!

Everyone has a different disposition when getting photos taken, for me I’m probably more serious in comparison to these two when I get my picture taken but neither one is good or bad. I think it’s really important to let who YOU are shine through more than trying to force you to look a certain way in photos. That’s why my main goal is to help people relax so their personalities can shine.

These two made that easy. After a period of quarantine for these two, and the consequent cancelation of our original engagement session date, it was SOOOO nice to finally meet them and put faces to the emails we’ve been sending back and forth!

Kensey and Spencer, I can’t wait to be part of your big day in November!!

<3 Alyssa

  1. Connie says:

    They are cu-u-u-ute!!! It makes me smile just looking at their pics!

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