Gilliland Family

What a sweet family of four. The Gilliland’s inquired about family pictures before Dax goes to Air Force Basic Training. Besides this reason though, I do need to note how impressed I was with their Family Photo history. They put me (a photographer) to shame, even. Maybe I shouldn’t say that thought, it’s more like they inspire me. They get their family pictures done each year faithfully. Even I can do better at that. This year was actually our first year of getting family photos done. I even hung them up and I feel like I have so much more insight on what to focus on when I’m taking others photos now because I am able to give them what I, myself would want hanging in my own home (you know but of my family not theirs… that would be weird haha, anyway you know what I mean).

Fey’s little curls were killing me all night and both her and Caleb were some of the most soft spoken sweethearts I have ever worked with. A big contrast to my firecracker of a two year old, who I love for exactly who she is.

The Gilliland’s have a tradition when they get their family portraits every year, that, to be completely honest, made me tear up a little when Megan explained it to me.

They take a picture holding their family photo from the year before. Each year it’s the same photo- so it’s a photo within a photo within a photo etc. if that makes sense. I’ll show you a few at the end.

This whole session was filled with fun and unique ideas that Megan suggested! And I love how gently Megan and Dax directed and spoke to their children and each other. That is something I want to do better at in my own home. Sometimes I can get a little loud and crazy and not think of how it comes across!

We started off the night getting some Anniversary Portraits with a twist. By that I mean they incorporated their kids! What a sweet idea :).

Anyway, let’s take a look at some of my favorites:

Location: Temple Historic District Mesa, AZ

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    What a sweet family!

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