Fall Family Minis 2020

Hi!!!! Ok! Here we are again. It’s that time of year! Time to get family photos!

If you don’t know me I’m Alyssa.

Besides photography my passions are:

Motherhood/Family; Brighten is our little two-nager, fire cracker. She’s a cute little stinker and we call her Brighty, Brighty Bee or just Booger. 🙂 We enjoy showing her the world through travel and teaching her compassion and love by teaching her about Jesus Christ.

Beekeeping; you may know us from our IG account @hawsbeeshoney where we share about our family, rescuing bees and love for good, whole straight from nature food, …and the occasional allergy friendly snack (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free anyone?)

Interior Design/ Home Remodel; which we do as a family as our main source of income, through our largest business Haws Family LLC.

…I should probably also add Entrepreneurship to the list since Trent and I love the thrill of starting, running and owning businesses. ^^)

Now that you know a little about me and my family I can’t wait to get to know you!

Below are some Details/FAQ’s about how my Family Mini Sessions work.

Read through it and send me an email at alyssa@alyssahawsphotography.com to choose a time slot and get further details about your session!

On to the FAQ’s

What is a family mini session?

A family mini session is a shortened photo session with fewer images at a reduced cost for your family. Two other differences between minis and a full session are: it is at a location chosen by me, and not every session is guaranteed to be at golden hour. This is a great option for those who:

-Want family pictures but have small children or family members with disabilities that make committing to a full hour long session hard. (A Twenty minute session can be a lot more reasonable, time wise, and make family pictures possible, when they were not before).

-Need a smaller selection of professional images taken for holiday cards, special family announcements or milestones. (Downloading and printing rights to a selection of 10-12 images are included in the price of the session)!

-Need the extra motivation to update family photos throughout your home. (If you refer a friend to a family mini session this year and they mention you while booking you receive a FREE 11×14 Portrait print of your choice from my professional lab or a $25 Shop Credit)

-Are getting family photos for the first time and just want to dip their toes in the water before getting a full session of photos annually.

When is this happening, and how often do you do it?

This year, thanks to all the amazing requests from you, is the first time I will be offering Family Mini Sessions on TWO separate days! This is an annual event and those who participated the year before will have first choice in time slot selection!

Mesa, AZ: October 24, 2020

Flagstaff, AZ: September 12, 2020

How long is the session?

The session is Twenty Minutes long. We ask that you are there 5 minutes before your start time to sign-in. I book sessions back to back and shoot the entire time so I can fit as many families as possible into this once a year event with limited space. (Meanwhile Trent gets people signed in/out). If you arrive late I won’t be able to make up time, which would be a huge bummer. I would feel terrible if something came up and you were late at no fault of your own. Planning to be 10 minutes early usually saves anyone from this type of situation.

How many images will I receive, and how soon after the session will I receive them?

I am well know for a few things, one of which is my turn-around time. I always provide myself with a buffer, especially as I become more and more busy with photographing sessions and weddings. You can expect 10-12 images within 2 weeks of the Family Mini Session.

Where is this happening?

You will receive more information on the exact location when you book, but the location I choose each year is usually about 30 minutes from the center of town. So in both Flagstaff and Mesa you should expect to travel approx. 20-40 minutes depending on where you live. The location will always be outdoor with an outdoor landscape backdrop. Due to the potential for road closures, fires, park restrictions etc. I find it easier to announce the location about 1 month prior so there is no confusion if it needs to be changed. In addition it will always be at a location that does not require any parking/vehicle fees.

Where do I book a spot? And how does booking work?

For the fastest response you can simply email me at alyssa@alyssahawsphotography.com with FAMILY MINI SESSION in the Subject bar. I will send you a questionnaire to get to know you and your family better along with a schedule of the remaining available time slots when you choose a time slot you will receive a contract to sign. You spot is saved once you sign the contract, not when you choose the time slot. So sign fast, before someone else takes it! Additionally, if you are booking out multiple time slots at once for an extended family let me know and we can decide the best way to proceed together.

Inquiries made through the inquiry box HERE on my site are also rerouted directly to my inbox. I commonly have people requesting sessions through Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) so I expect to receive some there too and that’s totally fine but just know I will not get back as soon as if you email me.

When can I book?

Booking for this years sessions opens Aug 12th at 3:00pm for those who participated last year. Booking for everyone else opens August 13th at 3:00pm. You can email me to inquire before or after this but this is the time you will receive email information on booking a time slot if you have reached out already!

How much does it cost? How does payment work?

Family Mini Sessions are $150 per session.

Any sessions booked before August 22nd receive an Early Bird Booking Price of $110. This is something we are trying out this year so I can spread out the “Last Minute Rush”.

Payment is made in two payments; 50% is due within 24 hours of your contract signing. The remaining 50% is due 10 days before the Mini-Session Date. All payments are made easily and quickly via an online link I send through email!

Booking closes when all the slots are filled. I typically keep you updated on this through my IG @alyssahawsphotography

Do mini sessions get a featured blog post?

If you’ve been around a while you know that I do weekly featured blog posts on Tuesday. These are selected from my sessions that week. Although I do retain the rights to use images for marketing and my blog in the FamMini contract, with how many session I will be doing, I can’t guarantee that EVERY family mini session will receive it’s own blog post, or that it will be featured the following Tuesday. If you are selected for a featured blog post on any given week I will do my best to let you know, so you can check it out and show it off!

Do you have a referral program?

I do! If you book a time slot and someone you refer mentions you in their booking process you will receive your choice of a 11X14 print from my professional printing lab, or a $25 shop credit towards anything you choose!

Can this be used for Senior Portraits?

Although I highly recommend going all out for senior pictures if your senior is not a huge fan of having their photo taken or you aren’t in a place to make that financial investment right now, then yes a mini-session can be used for senior portraits. ( Little tip: If you refer your own senior and a re getting family minis too this qualifies you for the free print or shop discount).

Can I see samples of your work?

Of course! You can check out my blog for a look at my work. All the images in this blog post are credited to me as well and are a good representation of my style.

Please don’t hesitate to email me for further clarification or questions!


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