Goodman Family

What a down to earth family! Trent and Lincoln work in the same industry and sometimes do business together so on a handful of occasions Trent has come home or gotten off the phone telling me we need to get together with these guys.

It was fun to finally, officially meet at this portrait session I did for them!

Lucy is the sweetest little girl and calls everyone “my friend”. When we arrived she wanted to know if we had brought her friend – meaning Brighten. Thankfully we did. *Phew* Haha. Trent and Brighten love to go hiking and explore when I shoot so they have been coming with me to most sessions lately and it is always fun to not have to drive home alone.

It has become a tradition over the last several months to go to my sessions together and then eat dinner at Trent’s parents house after. We always have pasta and veggies with garlic sauce. 🙂 (Gluten-Free of course for Trent’s Dad and I)

When we had finished with the family photos and I was getting some individual shots of Tori we looked over to see Lucy and Brighten holding hands, walking down the road. It was the sweetest thing!

Lucy is a very gentle and friendly girl. (See pictures for proof below) 🙂 I’m excited for this little family to add a little more pink this summer! They said they knew it was going to be a girl before they even found out and had to try to feel surprised at their gender reveal.

Lastly, I have to say Tori was such a trooper in her heels and little did I know, until I asked near the end of the session, she has been super sick her whole pregnancy! So I felt even more connected to her over that (because if you know anything about how I was with Brighten…). Lincoln treated her so tenderly, as I’m sure he always does, and it was nice to watch such an awesome, healthy relationship in action. It reminds me to not take for granted all the sweet things my amazing husband does for me just because he does it so instinctively and often!

These guys had me laughing and smiling so much. You know those people who when you’re around them they make you a better version of yourself and you leave wanting to be better? This is them.

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