Bergstresser Family Photos

How fun! These guys asked me to do their family pictures while visiting the valley together after their youngest daughter got back from her mission! Also, maybe I should mention that this is my family! Kylee and Josh are my first cousins. Lenor (the mom) is my moms younger sister. Which is why you will see Brighten in some of the pictures. This was her first time seeing Kylee since she was a newborn so it was a big moment to “meet” her as an almost 2 year old!

The temple was beautiful and I can not wait to shoot some weddings here later on this year!!! I thought it might be difficult different times of day bu after being able to check it out there are SOOO many options for brides getting married in the hours of harsh light. If you’re getting married here I’m so excited for you!

Aren’t they cute? hehe. Welcome home from Maryland KyKy! We are so proud of you!

For my Phollowers: What a dream location. I had a wedding set to photograph this Janunary at this location and it fell through due to some super unfortunate circumstance with the photographer who had hired me to help capture the day (ALL of her camera gear-back ups and all was stolen from her car two weeks before the wedding! Can you imagine. I cried for her). Anyway this was my very first time shooting here and the light reflective paths and walls made it a dream for skin tones. It reminds me how worth it is to look for these type of surfaces for reflective light in any location whether you’re in the desert or downtown! It saved me hours in editing their entire gallery and the look is just so clean and bright. So I pass that reminder on to you! Do yourself (and your clients) a favor and find some light neutral reflective surfaces at your shooting locations because at the end of the day whether it’s more or less editing time for you (in this case it’s less…way less) it always looks better to capture it right in camera anyway, instead of “fixing” it later. No matter how good you are at editing or how much you might like sitting there for hours (not me!) it just wont ever look as REAL as if you got it right in the first place- especially for my style that is more pure and true to life in colors… only a little better 😉

Also, Happy Valentines Day! <3 Alyssa

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