Top 10 Must-Haves for Perfect Wedding Detail Shots

Just like any industry things go in and out of emphases in the wedding world.

I love a good trend. In the last decade the dress shots were of the utmost importance to brides (aka a photo taken of the dress hanging on a hanger before the bride puts it on). It was a photographers main job to make sure they got that perfect shot. Now, although I still capture these shots, they seemed to have faded a little in importance to most brides when they express what is important for them to have captured on their wedding day.

Lately there has been a trend towards detail shots especially flat-lay details. Which as a former product photographer I am ALL ABOUT!

It is so fun for me to capture these shots. The trick to getting them perfect is really nailing down your wedding theme and style which can be tricky if you don’t have a planner. If you want to keep it simple we can still get some amazing images like the simple elegant ones here where the only details were a wax seal, the brides rings and a bouquet.

Here is a list of things to bring to your getting ready location for me to shoot if you want to add something extra special to your detail shots beyond what I suggest in my Bridal Guide.

10) Your Invitation Suite; bring it! I’m so glad we got shots of ours and I don’t have to hold on to an old copy of it stuffed into my journal.

9) Your Borrowed and Blues; a lot of Brides have opted into using the detail shots as a way to carry on this fun tradition without having to physically carry these items on them during the day. I love the idea of vintage stamps for an old item and your wedding shoes are a good staple for New. Some of the sweetest Borrowed‘s I’ve seen are a Grandmothers Ring or other Family Heirloom and lastly it always increases the flow of the image to have some ribbon, so a spool of blue velvet or satin ribbon makes a great Blue.

8) Your Rings; all of them both his and hers 🙂 Although EVERYONE else may tell you to give rings to the Best Man at the beginning of the day, so you don’t forget, the best idea is actually to bring them to where the bride is getting ready so I can photograph them with details without wasting your precious photo time tracking down a groomsman. They can easily be returned during bridal party portraits, after a first look!

7) Small Florals; some florists sell detail shot flowers as part of a package and some may just give you a few extra loose flowers and leaves if you ask! It never hurts to try! Lighter colored flowers and more translucent leaves can really soften and brighten an image.

6) Bouquet; speaking of florals your bouquet needs to make an appearance in these so be sure to have a note sent to the florist or ask the planner to have it delivered to your getting ready area, waiting in water, ready to be photographed! Your Bridal Bouquet is a huge part of how your entire wedding photographs because it will be in the majority of photos. So, just a reminder to make sure it is a good representation of what you want your day to look like in photos! Chances are if you chose me as your wedding photographer you are looking for a soft, romantic look to your wedding so avoiding very bright or dark colored flowers (for example a bouquet of mostly dark red roses) and using instead softer more pastel colors (think soft pink garden roses or ranunculus, like those pictured) can really add to this theme.

5) Jewelry and Boxes; earrings photograph really well with details especially in a vintage velvet box. Also, now is a good time to mention these vintage velvet boxes (or fake ones from Amazon) are super cute with rings too so don’t forget wedding color coordinated ring boxes if you have them!

4) Cute Perfume Bottle; won’t it be fun to look back in your wedding album and remember the perfume you wore that day!

3) Wax Seal; this one is a very traditional and classic addition to your details. If youre looking to make it really timeless and elegant then this is for you. Extra Points if it’s personalized for you/ your day

2) Representations of Your Day; if there are other things you want to remember with emphasis, that will tie these photos to the rest of your day, feel free to have them ready to photograph! Some people like to have the menu cards photographed with the details even though they are generally photographed with the reception details and that’s totally ok! I get it, food is one of your biggest expenses of the day and you want to remember all the work you put in to make it perfect! So if it be a menu, or maybe a swatch of material in your colors, bring it!

1) Your Maid of Honor; I know you’re thinking What?!? But let me tell you she is the most important part of this! You will be getting ready to get in your dress as I photograph details so making sure you have your right hand lady there to delegate things to when you inevitably forget something you REALLLY wanted in the detail shots. She can run across the venue, and find the person who can get it for you!

Note: I think that the important thing is to make sure that the items you include hold value to you, because they are going to look amazing in a nice leather bound legacy album on your coffee table, but even better if you can look at the images and think of all the sentiment they hold.

Lastly, remember these are just suggestions for those who this is really important to. It’s 100% ok to keep it simple. The standard rings, florals, shoes is totally fine!

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