Haws Family

Hey! It’s that time of year! And you know I have to practice what I preach! Here are my favorites from our very own family photos.

A big thank you to Justin Miller aspiring photographer for helping out with the shots that include both Trent and I.

I see great things ahead in your photography future.

I was planning to have another photographer do our photos but I got busy and didn’t book ahead and all my available days filled up taking photos for all you wonderful people <3

TW: Cuteness ahead

haha whyyyyyy did you have to blink I looked so good…

at Brightens Request haha.

This is not Honey, I know someone will ask haha. This is our neighbors dog she brought to show the girls. She is also the reason Sage is smiling in some of the pictures and the reason she wasn’t screaming in the rest! (Thanks Nora!)

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