Wedding Photographers Attending Weddings as a Guest

Someone asked me about how things have changed attending weddings as a guest now that I am a wedding photographer. So I’ve written a list of 7 thoughts on when I attend weddings as a guest (also enjoy our updated headshots mixed in 😉

  1. Fellow Guests asking me if the photographer is “good”. My response is usually “I don’t know, are they nice?”. The truth is that you have no idea what is going through another photographers head, the equipment they are dealing with, the requests of the Bride or Groom or any other factor. I know what it feels like on wedding days to feel judged by guests who are photographers amateur or pro and it’s tough. Judging another photographer against what I would do in their shoes would be either a rookie mistake or a major pride issue. The only thing that can give me a hint at how good the photographer is in that very moment is to see how they interact with the Bride and Groom and their guests. I don’t care how good their images are if they are straight up mean through all of family formals I don’t think they’d be great in any service profession. So those are the only judgments I pass on the photographer… almost. (see #2)
  2. This is literally my only pet peeve as a wedding guest-and this has even bothered me BEFORE I was a wedding photographer- so maybe it doesn’t count! I will always notice if photographers or any other vendor under-dress for the occasion. It’s very distracting and devalues the day AND the vendors business. The same goes for ugly, bulky distracting camera bags or equipment. I think matching the formalness of the event speaks volumes about a vendors attention to detail. So if you are a Wedding Photog and are currently using a nasty stained up JanSport backpack grab one of these handcrafted leather bags Trent and I use and love. They definitely up your photography game, are sturdy, a great investment and easy to wipe down- we set them on the desert sand or rocky beach one day and a wedding hall chair the next! (If you’re interested I prefer The Scout because I don’t like to carry a ton and Trent uses the Kelly Boy 2.0 which holds a little more).
  3. I will inevitably feel like part of the day is missing. When I am not the one shooting the wedding I miss it a little. It feels weird to be a guest! A good chunk of my day as the photographer is spent capturing the moments leading up to the bride walking down the isle. It’s weird to not be in on the hustle and the bustle and the last minute prep and the day feels so much shorter! But I will use that extra energy on the dance floor and still not go home as tired as I would have been ;).
  4. I appreciate the rings and the florals more than other guests! I will ALWAYS notice the time and effort put into these small details that bring the day together.
  5. I may spend some time talking to the Venue owners or other Vendors. Some are friends and most I at least know!
  6. I might be more likely than others to give an extra hand. Moving the cake table to a better spot? Trying to find someone for family formals? I know how tight a Photographers Schedule can be to get all the important moments without missing anything so it’s just instinct to lend a hand.
  7. I will probably be a little over cautious about the sparklers- particularly drunk people with sparklers. Let’s just say I’ve seen some things first hand and I do NOT want to see them again. Haha.

So if you’re inviting me, or another photographer friend to your wedding rest assured we are definitely not picking apart your day or judging your photographer of choice. And we wont be jumping in to take over or give them tips, haha. We are just happy to be there and celebrate your day just like all the other guests.. except maybe just a little bit more.

P.S. The amazing Megan Boggs is taking our Family Pictures this week! Can’t wait for that experience and showing them to you next week!

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