Haws Family Annual Photos 2020

One of the best things a photographer can do for his or her clients, in my opinion, is to get in front of the camera themselves.

It is such an eye opening experience to remember how it feels. It allows me to better understand my clients perspective, and what I can do to enhance these special moments for my clients going forward.

The excitement of planning outfits and trying to find something just right. The stress of getting ready and trying to remember things at the last minute. The confusion of finding the location you agreed on with the photographer. The awkwardness of finding them and greeting them. The regret of certain choices. (The lipstick I wore, ahahaha, it looked great… but I used a combo of a glossy and matte lip gloss and somehow that combination equals Elmers Glue). And of course that feeling a good photographer gives you that makes you relax and realize that all that work, money, time and effort spent was worth it because you know you’re getting beautiful images of your family that you can treasure forever!

We were so lucky to work with Megan Boggs (at Atlas Rose Photography WEB: atlasrosephotographyaz.com IG: @atlasrosephotographyaz) for our family photos. It was such a fun collaboration and I can’t wait to take some of her sweet family in a month or so.

She was so friendly and worked her magic with Brighten. I feel like I learned so much about interacting with children just during our session with her! Sometimes she matched Brightens demeanor and other times she wasn’t afraid to push her a little, and it definitely paid off, as you will see below. She has so much energy and exuberance for photography and is so much of what I aspire to be!

These photos were taken at South Mountain in Phoenix by Megan Boggs at Atlas Rose Photography and Post-Processing was done by me-Alyssa at Alyssa Haws Photography. ^^)

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