Haws Family July Update

We photographed an (absolutely beautiful) wedding this month. I LOVED the succulent/floral mix of colors. Delicate Dusty Pink and Muted Sage Green are my brand colors so how can I not? Side-note: I just came up with those names. They should probably hire me to create crayon color names.

The rest of this month we have been out of town adventuring. I’m actually currently writing this looking out the cabin back porch at the Kenai River as I type this! …So maybe what I always say about going out of town so I’ll stop working is not completely true, haha- but sometimes I need a vacation from vacation. What a beautiful world we live in.

This month I had an engagement session reschedule due to the couple testing positive for COVID-19. What a strange time we are in.

Trent upgraded his camera to a Mark IV for some capabilities we needed for a wedding this month. It was fun welcoming him to the club (for those that don’t know this is the main camera I use) and I feel like he is starting to recognize what a truly gifted photographer he really is. He also planned and executed a trip to Alaska for us (I may have to share a post of just this trip in the future because it included A LOT of amazing photos).

Brighten got to pet lots of salmon, spend the Fourth with her cousins and Grandma on her first without-mom-and-dad trip out of town and got a haircut with bangs that I may have done just a little too short.

I got a Macro lens that I am loving. I’m perfecting flash every chance I get and watching my business blossom before my eyes!!!! <3 <3 <3 I have upgraded some of my client management system, gallery display, printing company and a few other aspects of my business that are sooooo exciting for me. I’m also getting back in the groove of engagement shoots and a flood of delayed weddings as people are re-planning- most for this fall and next spring. I’ve been overwhelmed with pride and happiness with the amount of people reaching out for weddings and other sessions. This season of business has been such a fun time for me despite the unique challenges.

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    So fun!!

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