Cabin Trip

We took a much needed trip to the cabin! It was nice to get away from all the masks and hand sanitizer and be at a REAL distance. It was so nice to see the stars again. That is something I miss from Flagstaff where I grew up. I love Mesa and the valley and all the people here are so friendly and the weather is so different it always has me fascinated! The lighting storms are breathtaking and the desert has a very particular rugged beauty of it’s own which makes an amazing backdrop to my portraits.

That being said flagstaff is a Dark Sky City with really strict city codes on lighting so even in the middle of the city you can look up and see the stars because it’s so dark at night.

Being in the White Mountains is similar and being up in any mountains and the pines and aspens just feels like home to me.

There are just so many wonderful places in the world to see. I’m convinced that there isn’t a place in the world that doesn’t have some sort of beauty in it.

On this particular trip we got to go hiking up the back side of the mountain and then follow the stream back around to the road leading back to the cabins.

It was funny to see that not all of the aspens had their leaves for the year yet because it has been warm in Mesa for a while now.

We went fishing in a few different places and played with the dogs in the water.

It got cold at nights and while Brighten slept we sat around the fire and talked about all the serious and not-so-serious topics you can imagine. It’s crazy how being around a fire just opens people up. Maybe it’s a combination of that and the tired mind, haha, but whatever it is you always feel a little closer to those you spend nights with around the fire. On our last night I broke out my flash and we messed around with bulb mode on my camera. It’s fun to try things out that aren’t exactly part of my specialty- I’m actually really excited to practice more and maybe start taking a few night portraits for wedding clients in the future! I’ll put a few of the photos we ended up with at the bottom. The light was tricky and the moon was full so we got some weird light from any reflective or really light colored clothing which was interesting to investigate and understand. Anyway, here is just some of what we did…

Don’t you feel honored to be seeing my first publicly shared night shots !!(My second time using Bulb Mode and first time using OCF)!

Those are some very manly zig-zags, I must say. (Victor was worried if he did loops it wouldn’t look manly enough.) Que-est-ce-que vous en pensez? Un future pour les deux, ici? Je crois que oui, et j’espère aussi 😉 Vraiment un beau couple, ces deux. En plus, il parle aussi le français comme moi!

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