The Clouse Family

This was such a fun and meaningful time together! It was very last minute, but didn’t feel rushed or strained. Everything was very natural and Lawny, who is two, was so adorable and cooperative! We took these on a Tuesday night! The last day I had available before Rustin returned to Washington DC the following week, leaving his wife, 2 year old daughter and namesake, 5 week old R.J. 

What amazing sacrifices people make for their country! Ever since I was young I always stood in awe of what people are willing to give for our freedom. There was a more subtle hero that I didn’t even think much about until recently, though. 
Rachel’s quiet, strong determination astounds me! I know it’s not easy for her! I know because I stay home with a 2 year old all day!-And that is a tough job. But add a tiny baby and a husband who lives across the country in active duty Air Force and I can’t even imagine! 
What better time than now to pay tribute to moms who raise kids alone while their spouse is fighting for our freedom, in whatever capacity they have been given. 
Sometimes I think we glamorize what it means to fight for our country and think that you have to be out there on the front lines to make a difference. But it’s usually the unspoken hero, the worker in the trenches, the head-down-humble, the concentrating-on-getting-by, the one who see their life as anything but glamorous, who really make the difference in society. In the words of one of the most caring, humble women to ever live,

“If you want to change the world go home and love your family”.

That is exactly what this family does- and it shows.
Thank you Rustin and Rachel for contributing to our daily freedoms and reminding us why they are important.

Happy Mother’s Day. ♥️ Alyssa

  1. Princess G. says:

    Oh my gosh!! I just love this family so much!!!! Great job Alyssa!!

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