Rhiba Farms Tour

This Saturday our friend Mark invited us to come and check out his farm. We are planning to bring a couple of beehives out to his hemp fields so we needed to see were they would go and what we should to do to prepare. He invited us to follow along with his farm tour so I brought my camera! What better way to support local than use what I’ve been given to pass the love a long.

I am so grateful for the appreciation that has gone out to grocery store workers, farmers markets and delivery drivers during this difficult economic time, and I add my appreciation to that. Nothing like hard times to make you recognize how much you appreciate the things people do for you daily.

To add to this sentiment I want to give a shout out to others in the food industry who continue to work during hard times to bring food to our table.

I’m grateful to Trent who continues to work hard for our family and take care of the bees.

I’m especially grateful for farmers like Mark. He is the epitome of love. He is such a kind person and has so much passion for people and the earth a like. Farming for him is more than just growing food, it’s a relationship with the environment- a balance of give and take.

The simple yet innovative things he does on his small farm to give back to the earth, creating a continuous cycle of abundance is inspiring.

As someone who also believes in the importance of sustainable food and healthier lives, I recognize and applaud his efforts.

The world could use a few more Tie-Dye shirt wearing, bearded Farmers like Mark.

Thanks for the Farm Tour. <3 The Haws Family

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