Fall Fun with the Haws Family

I know whenever I hire someone for anything I always want to know WHO they are, really. (That’s a nice way of saying I may, kinda, full on stalk them on the internet). I don’t want just the “Blah blah blah.. Impressive background in photography, how we are going to make beautiful memories together… etc etc trying to make them sound unrealistically good…” in the About Me page stuff (of course it serves its purpose, don’t get me wrong). But I have a hunch that even if you might think “Wow, I can’t believe she posts personal things… is that professional?” You probably, in all honesty, want to read it too, maybe just out of a weird curiosity, that you don’t want to admit you have.

Well, it’s ok if you’re weird, haha, but you actually probably aren’t! I know you will fall in love with my little family and the way we see the world and you won’t be able to stop thinking about how cute and fun and “real” -IG trigger word of the year. haha- we are until you call me up and book some maternity photos (Yes, I’m talking to you).

Anyway, after all that “real”-ness here are some fun photos.

Guess what, we were at a regular pumpkin patch. You know those that you see everywhere. (Two different ones pictured).

I just want to be sure that you know that because it looks like we are at the most gorgeous pumpkin patches in the whole world! Set up to be perfectly lit photo studios. THEY WEREN’T. Don’t get me wrong they were super cute! But as I like to say, “That was incredible practice for me”.

One of my favorite comments (that I consider a HUGE compliment is “WHAT? You shot those there? I don’t remember it looking like that”. It makes my day. Turning the ordinary in to a fairytale is my favorite thing about being a photographer. It just like life, some people see the worse and focus on it and, some see the best and focus on that, it all depends on your perspective.

The first Pumpkin Patch was in the middle of the day (we’re talking noontime harsh, harsh sun) , I could only shoot in very specific directions and let me tell you the color cast (light reflecting off the pumpkins onto skin) was REAL. So I had to shoot in open enough light to cancel that out without being in direct harsh sun!

Aren’t you glad you can just hire me instead of thinking about all that. And I’m ok with it too! I live for this type of challenge.

Can’t wait to book your maternity session! And for those who have booked I Can. Not. Wait. for this weekends sessions!! Maternity photos in the fall-time desert! Oh boy (Side note: comment below, please, and tell me if it’s ok to say “oh boy howdy” because I’m always laughing at Trent for saying it. I told him it’s either “oh boy” or “boy howdy” but not “oh, boy howdy”. Oh, and make sure you inquire about your session! Like right now!

For my Phollowers (Photographer Followers): With the recent advent of Social Media Marketing, and all that has come with it, many a Marketing Annalist has been left stunned realizing what actually attracts people to purchase these days. What people really want is a connection. So if you are a strict don’t-mix-business-with-pleasure kind of person and you can’t seem to figure out why people aren’t booking- STOP, think about what draws you to a specific brand/person/restaurant. I bet feeling a connecting is a big one. Maybe it’s time to start mixing business with pleasure, whatever that looks like for you. Maybe it means just putting a silly picture on your About Me page with all the others. Maybe you have a talent for sharing an even more personal part of your life that people can connect with like a specific struggle or life goal. A popular New Born photographer in my area shares openly about her struggle with fertility. (If the idea of sharing personal info scares you try this book it helped me a ton).This helps people to see that she truly feels the importance of Newborn photos and connects deep with those who ask her to photograph her Rainbow Babies. Just like this photographers clients, all people really want is connection.

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