Fall Festive Newborn Shoot

Move over Pumpkin Spice! The new fall favorite is here! (Wait, come back… I was just saying if I HAD to choose… But I don’t so I’ll take both!)

Really though Oh. My. HeartEyesEmoji.

This little guy was born during the perfect time for his parents to get some good milage out of the nickname Pumpkin before he gets embarrassed by it. :).

Can you believe how big and strong he is! At one point I took out his pacifier when he wasn’t quite asleep yet and he lifted his head up and leaned up on his arms to find it! (See the bottom of this post for a little behind the scenes shot of that). Amazing what he could find the strength to do when he was hungry. I think we will make good friends one day, haha. #prioritiesstraight

For my Phollowers:

When shooting Newborns be aware of their sensitive skin. They can go from Splotchy and Red patch to that perfect new born pink in a matter of seconds! They are still getting use to this world. Somethings that might help keep you from having to re-touch (yes, by hand.. *Meh) dozens of pictures:

  1. Encourage mom to feed them as much as they will eat just prior to your arrival. This will help them relax their body and get sleeping making them easier to position. Some people don’t want to feed their baby just before because they , thoughtfully, don’t want to get spit up on your props. But remember a spot is a lot easier to edit than an entire body- even if it is just a tiny one.
  2. Let them adjust before starting to shoot. I am the biggest over-shooter there is but with newborns you have to be really patient. If they yawn or smile pull up your camera, otherwise just be patient and wait to help them pose and then shoot.
  3. Safety First! Always use clean props, blankets, pillows, sheets etc. Never use the same things on two different babies in-between washing! And washing them in sensitive detergent will really help you avoid extra hours (literally, I’m not joking) of editing. And if you don’t edit yourself baby’s mom AND your editor will thank you.
  4. Lastly, use a heater, noise machine, diffuser, warm hands, soft blankets, no or low flash… basically anything you can do to keep. that. baby. happy!

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