Ellie’s Maternity Shoot

Guys! You will never believe what happened when we were at the river taking these maternity photos!…

There we were at our second location. I had barely gotten my camera out to start adjusting the setting to the new location and the quickly setting sun. Of course this is the moment a heard of wild horses walks behind Ellie while I’m taking test shots. (Yes, it was awesome).

I quickly crank my ISO and rush to move my focus point! They went as fast as they came and I thought that would be our last chance for sure. Well, it wasn’t! A little later we were further down by the river taking some pictures and I had my camera at F1.2 which if you know anything about photography is a VERY wide open shot. This gives the background a super blurry creamy look with those light spots called bokeh. A mommy and baby horse walked right behind our shot in the river, but because I had my settings to make the background so blurry they were gone before I could stop down enough and I didn’t get a clear shot! I’m fast at setting changes -I have Brighten to thank for that, but not mamma horse fast apparently. Lesson learned. Next time I go to the river I’m bringing my extra camera that’s stopped down a little further than what I normally shoot in case horses run into the background for a few shots! Overall the images turned out beautifully and I absolutely can’t wait to do newborn pictures for this sweet friend of mine. If you look close you can see the horses drinking in the river in the second to last photo (down below).

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