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The other day someone asked me how to book a newborn session when you don’t know what day your baby is going to be born.

That is actually a really good question!

What I typically do is when someone reaches out I ask them for their estimated due date. And then I put it on my calendar.

Typically I will expect somewhere between 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after for the shoot and make sure I am available at least one of the days within 4 days before or after any of those days!

So if you want to book a newborn session its really simple!

  1. You reach out and let me know what your estimated due date is
  2. You Choose a Package and Secure your spot on the Due Date Calendar w/ Retainer Payment
  3. Reach out and let me know when your baby has arrived and I will schedule a date and time

Something else to remember that is VERY UNIQUE about my newborn sessions is that I do them In-Home. AKA YOUR home. No need to pack up and get dressed but no need to clean up for me either!

When I took Sages Newborn pictures at home instead of my studio I realized how nice it was and wanted to provide that stress free experience for others too!

Here are a few of my best TIPS for PREPPING BABY for a Newborn Photo Session:

  1. Scratches and small Red patches are common. They’re not a huge problem and edit out easily.
  2. Dry/ Flakey Skin, Boogers, Eye Discharge, and Dirty or unclipped fingernails are NOT easily Edited and I suggest doing your best to focus on cleaning up baby in these areas before I come 🙂 or while I am there if needed. Usually between a day and a few hours before is best because baby skin can get and stay irritated easily. I won’t touch your babies Eyes/Nose if I see discharge and can not guarantee it being edited out in every picture.
  3. I reserve a 2-hour window for newborn session to account for feeding and diaper changes and breaks if needed. In that time I will be Setting-Up, Posing and Photographing for a non-continuous 40 min total. Feeding the baby right before I arrive and as I am setting up seems to work best 🙂
  4. The best range for Newborn Photos is 2-6 Days. I do not book newborn sessions for babies older than 2-weeks old, but am willing to do lifestyle type portraits if you missed this window (reach out for details).

Here are some of my favorites of Baby Cosette at 4 days old.

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