The Winfield Family

So excited to work with this family! Melanie is a good friend of mine and so talented in her areas of expertise! She owns a goat farm and we actually had to move this session partially because she was concerned that one of her goats would be giving birth the day we originally had planned.

Her goats produce the best milk I have ever tasted! Getting to know her family over the past little while as well has been a treasure.

Her oldest just returned from serving a mission for their church and her second oldest is leaving shortly so it was the perfect window to prioritize family photos.

I know I also said I would share more details of my upcoming maternity leave in this posts so here goes:


I know I do most of my repeat family photos during Oct-Dec so I will be opening up some extra weekdays when I return. <3

One of the great things about owning my own business is that I get to make decisions! One of the decisions I made in the past was that when Sage was younger than 3 months old I woudl bring her with me to sessions and carry her hands-free in the baby carrier where she would sleep the whole time.

I am expecting baby #3 to love the baby carrier just as much and sleep in it often so I am making the same plans.

I am confident that this will not infringe or disrupt sessions in anyway but if you are uncomfortable with the idea let me know and I have a few great photographers I can refer you to.

I will also not be answering emails during my maternity leave so make sure you schedule you session with me before then!

I will also be sending out an email to those who have scheduled in the past to let them know so if you are a potential new client please reach out ASAP if you’re wanting family photos anytime this year as my calendar will fill pretty fast.


If you plan to order Christmas Cards with family photos from our session please let me know when you are scheduling so I can make sure I schedule you for a time when you can be sure to have time to get your digitals, create a card, and have it printed and sent to you all with time to send them out before Christmas.

If you are NOT ordering Christmas Cards I recommend scheduling in Dec. because the weather is more mild.

If you have a large family/ adult children you need to schedule with for a date I would suggest trying to plan in Sept as it wont fill quite as fast and the other months.

If you want to avoid heat but Dec and late Nov are filled (I am already down to 3 spots left in Nov as of writing this) I have also opened up a few extra dates in April! So beat the heat and schedule ASAP!


The biggest question I have been getting besides ones related to the above topic is-

Will you be offering Fall/Christmas Minis this year?

Yes. After some trial and error over the past few years you all have spoken and I will be offering Christmas Minis (no Fall Minis) this year.

SAVE THE DATE: NOV 16 (Time and Location TBD)

Annual 5 Min Christmas Mini Sessions $30 (Details to come)

Lastly, thank you to everyone who cares so much about my photography to reach out and ask about maternity leave and still want me to take your family and other portraits. I am honored and pleasantly surprised that so many of you are so loyal. <3 Thank you for being part of a job that I LOVE coming back to.

Now onto the good part!

Here are a few of my favorite from this Beautiful Overcast Desert Session:

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