Easter Portraits

My parents went to help a neighbor clear their driveway after a snow storm. Well long story short they ended up bringing home a newborn baby lamb that was on the brink of death.

They nursed it back to health… and so naturally we had to take easter pictures with all the kids!

Update: His name is Filbur (a mash up of Fern and Wilbur). He now scares the kids because he is a few weeks older and runs around butting everyone with his head, haha. Cute but potentially painful as his horns are growing in. He will soon be big and strong enough to return to his fold.

These photos were taken in late February when Filbur was 4 days old. I don’t print Easter Portraits but I always upload a few portraits of the girls and mess with them in Canva to make a little eCard that I can text to people on easter . If you don’t know what this is think printmaster but online. If you don’t know what printmaster is just go look up Canva.com haha. I will see if I can link one from last year at the bottom so you can see what I mean. You can even use a photo from your phone. It’s a fun tradition and a great way to send an easter greeting to those you love.

And my mom needed updated grandkid photos so we did a quick makeshift mini portrait session too!! This type of session would be such a good idea for people who have family in town for a family reunion or holiday! (On locations portrait sessions start at $300/hr [current pricing and subject to change]). I don’t charge extra for more people I just tell people with more people you will get less of each shot and you won’t be able to be as picky about the results of each shot since we will have less time in each grouping! I actually thrive in a challenge and I’m use to shooting 20+ people family portraits at weddings in 15 minutes or less (because I know that is a make it or break it in whether family of the bride and groom like me as a photographer and refers me to others or not) so doing a bunch of individuals and small groups of kids at grandma and grandpa’s house would just be so much fun! (And think you could totally split the cost making it even easier to get great family portraits!

Here (below) are the eCards that I sent out via text last easter to give you an idea. It’s best to use a portrait/vertical image and Canva can clip it to fit the size of a phone so you can center it on the screen for when people view it fulls screen!

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