Baby Ozzy Newborn

It was so fun to have this sweet family come for a visit this last week. I know I mentioned this on IG already but Baby Ozzy was born the day after Sage at the same birth center! I was kinda hoping for the same day but that’s still pretty cool right?

He was just the sweetest little chunk and loved being in the little basket. If you’re wondering how Sage did she was a perfect angel and slept almost the entire time. Also, a shout out to Brighten who did pretty good too, and wanted to help out.. maybe a little too much haha.

When Ozzy took a break to eat I woke up Sage and fed her and she fell right back asleep! It was great and makes me want to consider doing more newborn sessions out of my house rather than the studio even though it’s only 3 minutes away. 

Ozzy has the cutest little birth mark on his elbow that I love because I have the same type of birthmark in the exact same spot! (I got a little close up of it below). 

We are twins baby Ozzy! Haha. 

Ozzy’s mom Emma wore the cutest dress and guess what?!- It’s the dress she was wearing when her and Octavio got engaged! #goals

I have a white shirt that I bought and wore for my first date with Trent and let me tell you… it’s not white anymore haha.  But I mostly blame Trent because he did all our laundry for the first 3 years of marriage. It was worth not doing laundry for 3 years though.  Man…what a Saint… I should probably make sure he knows how much I appreciate that…

One of my favorite things during this session was watching Octavio interact with Ozzy. Both he and Emma are obviously naturals at parenting. There is just something so tender about seeing a grown man be so gentle and infatuated with a tiny person. 

Here are a few of my favorite moments from the session:

  1. Connie says:

    What a beautiful family! Wow these pics are amazing 🤩!

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