Miller Family Portraits

Before I say anything else I have to announce it was my Blog-aversary Jan 15th and I was so busy with a wedding and engagement shoot that I never even realized and posted about it! I started blogging my sessions consistently without missing a single one exactly 1 year ago Jan 15th! It was my goal to keep it up for one year so last year I wrote it in my planner for Jan 2021 and I made it! I’ve actually grown to really enjoy this outlet and connection. It has provided me with so much more than I ever though it would! It was originally just something I was doing to boost SEO through increasing the frequency of site crawling (sounds creepy but it just means google looks at my site and sees it’s active and moves it up in searches). It has been an amazing way to be accountable to myself and clients in the consistency of work I provide. It gives me a visual journal of my photography journey and it most of all gives potential clients a way to access samples of what my work really looks like, making it easier to set expectations for their own session. I HAVE LOVED IT! One of the best things now, with it being just over a year, is being able to start to see repeat clients scheduling and I can’t wait to see how people have changed from last year to this year.

Also, I can’t decide if last January feels really long ago because it was Pre-Covid or if it feels like it just happened because everything seems to pass by so fast these days. Haha. Anyway, I was thinking about it because last January was when I did maternity photos for Justin and Amy.

I remember someone seeing the blog post and saying “That couple is so cute! Is that their first?”. Their jaw almost hit the floor when I said “Nope, it’s their fifth”. Haha. You’re probably feeling about the same right now, right? It’s all that juicing and sunshine. 😉

Justin and Amy were some of the first friends we made when we moved here and we actually met Justin because he is our ecclesiastical leader so I usually call him Bishop not Justin, even now.

I lead a volunteer youth group with Amy for the young girls in our neighborhood and we bonded over health food recipes and lifestyle goals. She is so much of what I aspire to be as a mother, friend and person.

Here are a few of my favorites of one of my favorite families :).

Important detail I left out: Brighten LOVES Sam. She is always asking to visit ‘Sammy’ or invite him to play in the sandbox with us- especially now that our next door neighbor, her best friend, Emery moved away. It is so sweet to see Brighty and Sammy explore together. They’re only a few months apart which seemed like SOOO much when they were little (I think especially since Brighty has always been so petite- she gets that from her dads side, not mine 😉 but now they’re a little older they love to play together. It’s so nice to have friends just down the street.

  1. Connie says:

    What a sweet family! ♥️

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