Boggs Family Portraits

If I could describe this family in three words they would be: exciting, connected and positive.

Exciting because they aren’t just excited themselves but they have a certain energy that they transfer to others. In the way they talk and interact. It makes you like every moment is an opportunity. This is especially true for Megan.

I would describe them as connected because all they family seems to flow as one. I love observing that in families. There really is no way to fake this. When you see a couple or family that just seems to read each others minds and support, love and move together as one you just know it’s one of those families. I’d like to attribute it to good old fashion sitting around the dinner table together which I could definitely imagine this family does often.

Brighten and Trent and I have been doing this more lately and it has been so nice! We usually sit at the bar facing the kitchen but we have made an effort to sit at the table facing each other lately and I never realized how funny Brighten is! She says some of the funniest things and you can tell she knows it. She has always made me laugh but it wasn’t until we spent dinner around the table that I realized she’s totally doing it on purpose! She enjoys making us smile and laugh. I feel lucky because I love being around people like that. It brings out my happy, positive side too.

Which brings me to the last of my three words! The Boggs are positive! Not everything goes right with family pictures- and when it’s your turn, if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably show up feeling like NOTHING went right up to that point haha. Someone is always missing something and something always happens in the car. The Boggs Family was not without these issues but they handled them with ease and kept the smiles coming- even through LITERAL cactus thorns. *Shutter* This family, and people like them, is what this year needs. I’m usually pretty good at looking on the bright side but let’s be honest its been a little bit harder even for those of us that it usually comes fairly easy to this year.

I’ve been trying to be grateful for the introspective learning experience and I definitely look back with a bit of shame on the way that I thought of people who have a chronically harder time with being positive or happy- which was mostly annoyed that they couldn’t just “get over it” a lot of the time. I have a totally different view on people in general and how they handle grief, sadness or just life. It just hits you when you’re not prepared sometimes and it’s those genuine people who are just positive but not in a preachy way that remind you it’s ok to be sad, upset or overwhelmed and that you can still be happy amidst all that as contradictory at it seems.

The crazy thing I’ve learned over this year (not to get too ridiculously deep when you just came to see the highlights of the session haha) is that it seems to most often be the people who have gone through some pretty dark things that are able to give you the most insight about being happy. Those who’ve fought through it and actually had to WORK for it can lead you to a better path to happiness than those who have never suffered at all.

It sounds messed up but I think God knows that and that’s part of why he allows bad things to happen to good people. He knows they will grow and inspire growth in others.

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