Looking for Pinterest Worthy Detail Shots on your Wedding Day?

How fun! These guys asked me to do their family pictures while visiting the valley together after their youngest daughter got back from her mission! Also, maybe I should mention that this is my family! Kylee and Josh are my first cousins. Lenor (the mom) is my moms younger sister. Which is why you will […]

This session was such a dream! What an adorable little family. All of these photos were taken steps from each other which was perfect for the little kids. 🙂 Keiko is the most graceful mother. Also, you can instantly tell Marvin was meant to be a Girl-Dad when he interacts with his three little girls. […]

If you’re looking to book photos with me for a family of three here is some inspo for you, to get you excited!

If you have had your pictures done with me before you know I take great pride in my Style Guides. I feel strongly that it’s a part of my job as a photographer to educate my clients on what will flatter their body in camera and reflect the soft romantic feel that my style has. […]

Wow! Did you know that green grass grows in the desert in the winter?!?!?! Now, I’m not saying it looks like Back East or anything but if you look really close you can see a few tufts and some other greenery in these pictures, haha. Even without much greenery thought, the desert has a unique […]

We did family pictures!! In one of my photography classes a girl shared an experience where she planned to take someones maternity photos. The woman wanted to know when the best time to take photos was and she told her that if she waited about 4 weeks a certain flower would bloom that would make […]

I know whenever I hire someone for anything I always want to know WHO they are, really. (That’s a nice way of saying I may, kinda, full on stalk them on the internet). I don’t want just the “Blah blah blah.. Impressive background in photography, how we are going to make beautiful memories together… etc […]

Fall Themed Newborns in October…

What a day! Sometimes things go exactly as planned, but that is rarely the case with birth. Sometimes, though, that is what makes them better than imagined. I am so happy for my sister who finally got her “home” birth, she never thought would be possible, even though it turned out in the most unexpected […]