Zinchenko Family Portraits

What a beautiful family! The last time I took pictures with this family was August 2020 before that little girl you see in these pictures was born. BLAST TO THE PAST BY CLICKING HERE.

I met Kelsi going to NAU and we played volleyball together. She later moved to the valley and when I followed several years later, when Trent and I got married, I got to rekindle that friendship.

She is a genuine, kind, beautiful person and has such a sweet little family. They recently bought a house in Mesa and when I went to see it we got on the topic of updating family photos.

I’m so glad we were able to plan this before the end of the year!

The Zinchenko Family wanted to take pictures at the base of The Superstitions- so they hiked a trail that was more like a big pile of rocks and patiently waited for the sun to be just set so that the mountains would show their beautiful red/purple color. It got a little cold but it was definitely worth it.

Kol got some digging in while I was taking pictures of his sister and said that digging was his “thing”. He was such a helpful brother and loved making Lilia smile and laugh.

It is so cute to see siblings interact in such a loving, happy way.


Trent Brough the girls and waited in the car. We enjoyed a few minutes of Blue Hour together before heading home.

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