Desert Garden Market- Fall 2021 Event

What a weekend! We were vendors at this event AND I did the photography. It was an excuse to be there way more than I should admit that I wanted to be haha.

The night before opening they had an influencer night where invited guests and the other vendors could shop and when I was checking out they may or may not have said my order was the biggest of the day (proud or embarrassed- I can’t decide).

In any case the central checkout made it super easy to get all my stuff in one go instead of having to pull out my wallet at every single booth!

I’ve been trying to form my Christmas list around the markets we are selling at this fall to support our fellow local vendors, because they’re the best gifts anyway and because the dreaded shortages that we don’t want to talk about right now haha.

Fox 10 actually came out to the market to talk about buying local to not have to deal with shortages and did an interview with Trent and three other vendors! They did a great job repping the market and sharing why it’s even more important than ever to shop local.

Meanwhile-I was at home with the girls haha. We decided it would be easier that way even though Trent really wanted to get Sage in the wrap on camera because she’s the really honey seller haha- just kidding…kinda).

I did get to go out the next morning and boy WHAT A CROWD! It was so amazing to see everyone who came to have some fun, see the princesses and super heros, eat at the food trucks and do some shopping.

We got Brighten a unicorn balloon animal that she loved to death (literally eek) and there was something different going on everyday!

Ease of parking was my favorite part- and always is haha.

Our booth was in the homey feeling kitchen area with the other food- including Crystals Hot Buns- cinnamon rolls made on site! We all got to smell them all day long!

The outdoor backdrop was as you would expect a desert garden oasis with the perfect temps to stroll or stroller around in. Now that we have a double stroller I definitely notice when a market or store is not going to work with our stroller and no problems here which makes things so much easier for mamas like me.

It was super nice to be able to stay on site for food and even when it was something I couldn’t eat I could still grab some for Trent before heading out since it was PACKED all day and he was at the booth answering questions and giving samples for hours on his feet! (Thank goodness he loves it! <3)

The photo booths reminded us to stop and take some pictures of our adventures. They had three different photo stalls and all just as adorable as the next. They were set in open shade which made for some great pictures of Shelby and Mariah as things wound down for the evening on Saturday.

It’s so refreshing to see events that everyone in the family can enjoy. Brighten loved the Elsa visit but her favorite was probably the fact that the event was dog friendly so she got to see all the dogs people brought haha. She LOVES dogs. 🙂

Here are a few of my favorites from the Fall DGM:

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