Baby Jack

What a little cutie! Lately when I cry I ask myself “Alyssa, is this pregnancy or would you be crying anyway?” Haha… the longer I’ve been pregnant the harder it is for me to be sure of my response to myself but I’m pretty sure I would be crying editing these anyway- especially the ones of big sister Blake and him. They are so sweet!

I love photographing this family. They are so sweet and easy going, not to mention photogenic ;).

Kali and I chatted about how people are nicer to you when you’re pregnant (I’m sure this is especially true working in an ER). We talked about double strollers which are all big and bulky (so don’t even try looking for one that is not, haha) and how despite our efforts our first child never wanted a pacifier. We also talked about our common love of travel and all the beautiful places there is to see, particularly Turks and Caicos- their favorite vacation spot. It is amazing there! I should know because I am a PRO at planning mental trips there while looking up AirBnB PLUS mansions on private beaches that I never actually book. I’m not the only one who does that for fun, right?

Speaking of, I still have no idea where we are going to go on a babymoon and it’s about time to go! I want to take Brighty, so somewhere kid friendly and I want it to be less than a 6 hr drive or flight- drop your ideas in the comments! Or just cozy up and soak in all the newborn cuteness below and forget about all your lives problems…

Here are a few of my favorites from the time we had together last week:

(I’ve been getting this question a lot lately so: Yes, I do blog the images from any given week the following Tuesday; even if the session was three days before on a Saturday, even if I have multiple shoots that week, and even if it’s a wedding).

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