Hingano Family

What a beautiful family!

It’s so funny that I’ve never done a family session at a temple before and now I’ve done two in the last month! I think I’m hooked. I love the beautiful architecture and the peaceful, calming feeling.

I love the tulle that the girls wore! I really think it made the images. It gave a fun flair but also softened the images and diffused the light through them in a really subtle way that makes all the images so dreamy. This can be hard to achieve in family portraits sometimes and i think they pulled it off perfectly! Which I absolutely love because it works very well with my delicate, etherial leaning style. These photos would look perfect in a photobook all together or just a few hanging on the wall.

I am so proud of all of my clients for the informed decisions they make on what to wear to their session to have the feel to it that they want. I know I’m always talking about my Style Guide that I give to each of my clients when they book but you guys! It is seriously a game changer for family pictures.

Phollowers: All I have to say is if you are a photographer and you don’t have any sort of guide or outline helping your clients to understand what different aspects they have complete control over going into a booking aka what they wear. CREATE ONE! It is 100% worth it, even if it’s just a short page or a three paragraph email. It doesn’t have to be a full magazine with images. Mine started as a 3 page outline that I made on a word document before transforming into what it is now! Empowering your clients to get out of a session what they have in their heads blended perfectly with your style makes for happy clients and in return happy photographers that feel fulfilled and confident! P.S. Sharing your wealth of knowledge makes you look super professional. <3 Alyssa

  1. CR says:

    Lovely and sweet!!! Adorable family!!!

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